The Life of St Brigid

Author: Anna Egan Smucker

ISBN-10: 0 86281 9997

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 999 6

132 x 185mm / 76 pp/ Hardback

£ 6.99



The Life of St Brigid

The first of February, the first day of spring, is celebrated as Saint Brigid's feast day. But who was she and why is she so venerated in Ireland? Brigid lived in Ireland at the very beginning of Christianity and was a woman of unique vision, personality and spirit. She founded a monastery, became a champion of the poor and sick and was a peacemaker in a violent land. She also shared her name with one of the pre-Christian gods and so the legends of the goddess and the saint became infused.

The Life of St Brigid looks at the legends connected with the saint, prayers about her and explains the symbolism behind (and how to make) the St Brigid's cross. The fire of Celtic spirituality lit by St Brigid so many years ago continues to burn and readers will be fascinated by a woman who continues to inspire people today.

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