Omagh: Voices of Loss

ISBN-10: 0 86281 978 4

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 978 1
compiled by: Graham Spencer
240 x 160mm / 160 pp/ Hardback

£ 12.99


Omagh - Voices of Loss

In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement promised a new start for Northern Ireland but just four months later the peace would be shattered by one event - the Omagh bombing.

On that day in August twenty-nine people would lose their lives, and unborn twins would be robbed of a chance of life. Things would never be the same for the families who had their loved ones stolen away so cruelly.

Fifteen people describe the people they lost, the events of the day, the aftermath and their feelings and experiences since that terrible day seven years ago: voices from different backgrounds but all united in their loss.

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