Traveller in the Glens

Author: Jack McBride

ISBN-10: 0862819377

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 937 8

216 x 135mm /240 pp / Hardback

£8.99 stg/ €12.95


Traveller in the Glens

The Nine Glens of Antrim have achieved fame by being just that, nine beautiful glens! But have you ever wondered what they are called?
Glenarm, Glenariff Glenaan, then most of us would start to falter. "There must be some fascinating history here if only those rocks could talk", we think as we look up in awe from the Coast Road at one of the most beautiful coastlines in Ireland. One man who knew all about the Nine Glens of Antrim and their histories was Jack McBride. His charming tales of days gone by take in much more than just the beautiful views, and will enthrall visitors to the region whether they are frequent callers or going there for the first time. Jack McBride's Traveller in the Glens was first published by Appletree Press in 1979, and is reissued in hardback for a whole new generation to enjoy.

Traveller in the Glens is a harvest-home from the Glens of Antrim of historical curiosities, tales, old-time characters, customs and ballads gathered over the years by Jack McBride. Written with all the love of a Glensman for his homeland, the many intriguing stories include the mystery of the 'Fuldiew Stone', the long-forgotten Battle of Aura and the 'old-time' grandeur of 'Queen Anne', the Garron Point postmistress. The book takes the form of a walk with a friend who knows all the stories of his home stamping-ground. After reading, many will find a visit to explore the area is a must.

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