Picture The Quiet Man

Author: Des McHale

ISBN-10: 0 86281 930 X

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 930 9


£19.99 stg/ €29.95


Picture The Quiet Man

Picture The Quiet Man - An Illustrated Celebration is the result of four years work of collecting photographs, facts and stories about The Quiet Man. Des reveals that his first book on the classic film, The Complete Guide to The Quiet Man, opened flood-gates from all over the world with many people contacting him with additional information which were unavailable first time round.

Many years ago when The Quiet Man was being filmed one of its stars, John Wayne, went shopping for bolts of tweed in O'Maille's of Galway. As he arrived during school lunchtime it wasn't long before word spread among the local tribe of small boys that the world's greatest living cowboy had arrived in Galway. Wayne was soon surrounded by a band of schoolboys but with great presence of mind he put his hand into his pocket, extracted a generous handful of coins and scattered them in all directions. Now cowboys are all well and good but cold hard currency for sweets and comics are quite another and the urchins duly broke up camp in the scramble for rolling coins while Wayne made a speedy escape!

This is just one of the stories from behind the scenes of The Quiet Man in a new book by Des MacHale, entitled Picture The Quiet Man - An Illustrated Celebration published by Appletree Press on 7th December, available from most good bookshops at 19.99 stg/ €29.95.

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