Brum - A Life in Television

Author: Brum Henderson

ISBN-10: 0 86281 864 8

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 864 7

234 x 156mm/ 224 pp / Hardback

£ 16.95



Brum - A Life in Television

Brum Henderson, the first Managing Director (1959-83) of Ulster Television (UTV) - Northern Irelandís independent television channel - and later its Chairman (1984-90), has led a big life. Influential in the media world, particularly in Northern Ireland, he steered UTV from its creation, through the pioneering 1960s and then the difficult day of reporting ĎThe Troublesí, to memorable co-production of The Irish R.M. series and beyond.

The fascinating, often amusing memoirs chart not only Brum Hendersonís life, but also the times through which he lived.

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