Banshees, Beasts & Brides from the Sea Banshees, Beasts & Brides from the Sea reprint New Cover 2008
New cover for 2008!

Author: Bob Curran

ISBN-10: 0862815533

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 553 0

202 x 133mm / 152 pp / Paperback

£ 6.99



Banshees, Beasts & Brides from the Sea

The stories in this book have been selected to show the variety, vigour and vitality of Irish supernatural tales. They have been culled from all over the countryside, and range from stories about wolves, banshees and the devil to tales of mermaids, fairies and the walking dead. These are the voices of country people and, as you hear them, you may also hear the wind sighing in the trees outside the window, or catch the waft of scented smoke curling up from the peat fire in the open hearth.

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