Hillman Street High Roller

Author: Sam McAughtry

ISBN-10: 0862814464

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 446 5

131 x 202mm / 118 pp / Paperback

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Hillman Street High Roller

Sam McAughtry's new collection of witty, well-defined and atmospheric stories about growing up in working-class Belfast in the 'thirties is great fun to read. McAughtry's young narrator is an instantly likeable and wholly credible character, the sense of place intimate and authentic, and the dialogue always lively and frequently frequently hilarious. Furthermore, and most effectively, the tales develop a coherent story of their own which keeps the reader gripped throughout.

"His prose is stripped clean of artifice and has the seeming simplicity of a vivid, moral voice calling out in a wilderness of uncertainty. It is a subtle, powerful sound.
The Times

McAughtry is a sort of Belfast Damon Runyan, repeating and ovserving with a dry humour on the foibles of fellow townsmen.
Irish Times History Biography Irish Belfast Tales from a Belfast childhood 1994

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