Irish Art (1830-1990) (hb)

Author: Brian Fallon

ISBN-10: 0862814383

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 438 0

242 x 168mm / 208 pp / Hardback

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Irish Art (1830-1990) (hb)

While Irish writers have achieved international prominence in the twentieth century, Irish artists have made relatively little impact abroad. Yet for over a century-and-a-half Ireland has continuously produced painters and sculptors of international stature. In the nineteenth century the work of major artists such as Francis Danby, Daniel Maclise and William Mulready was subsumed in the British context. Subsequently, the artistic attractions of France drew figures such as Nathaniel Hone and Roderic O'Connor. In the early years of the twentieth century, critical focus was on the Irish Literary Revival when a renaissance in Irish arts and crafts saw the emergence of major painters such as John Lavery, William Orpen and Walter Osborne, and the stained-glass artists Wilhelmina Geddes, Harry Clarke and Evie Hone. The vitality of this period has continued since, through the work of Jack B. Yeats to the present day. In this fully illustrated account, Brian Fallon traces the development of Irish art from its roots in the Romantic movement through to the present and shows how, without being overtly nationalistic or political, it has reflected the growth of national self-consiousness and the evolution of Irish culture from a provincial, colonial stage into a fully-fledged tradition in its own right.

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