Ireland's Inland Waterways

Author: Ruth Delany

ISBN-10: 0862813808

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 380 2

244 x 178mm / 200 pp / Hardback

£ 8.99



Ireland's Inland Waterways

This absorbing and fully illustrated story of Ireland's inland waterways traces their development, from the building of the Newry Canal in the 1730s, right up to the present day. It focuses on the people who planned and built the waterways and the communities they established, as well as their construction, their economic role and the changes they brought about. With its blend of entertainment, authority and meticulous research, Ireland's Inland Waterways has established itself as by far and away the best book on the subject. 'It covers all the canal, river and lake navigations that have existed, north and south, in Ireland with both scholarship and affection, from their largely commercial origins to their newer recreational possibilities. Its copious illustrations are marvellous.' Irish Times

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