Fardorougha The Miser

Author: William Carleton

ISBN: 0862813530

224 x 143mm / 240 pp / Hardback

£ 9.50



Fardorougha The Miser

In 1839 Fardorougha the Miser was published in Ireland to critical acclaim; since then this novel has continued to absorb readers with its terrible tale of obsession and greed. Fardorougha Donovan and his wife, Honor, have been married all of thirteen years and are childless. Honor continues to pray that she will bear a child, while her husband abandons such hopes, giving himself over to the accumulation of wealth through usury and other exactions inflicted upon poorer neighbours... Offering a compelling analysis of a tormented individual and his ruinous obsession, William Carleton reveals the chaotic Ireland of pre-Famine days, an Ireland ill-governed and prey to the lawless terror of such anarchic gangs as the Whiteboys.

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