Author: Maria Edgeworth

ISBN: 0862813506

224 x 143mm / 252 pp / Hardback

£ 9.50




Ormond, the last of Maria Edgeworth's four brilliantly comic Irish novels, was published in 1817, the year of her beloved father's death. In Harry Ormond, the yound hero of the book, Edgeworth offers a well0born young man in search of his Anglo-Irish identity, an identity that must struggle against the social mores of the day. He is provided with various possible allegiances, Sir Ulick O'Shane of Castle Hermitage is a hard-drinking, calculating unionist politician. Directly contrasted with him is one of Edgeworth's most celebrated characters, King Corny of the Black Islands, an independently eccentric lord of a realm where lawless freedom prevails.

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