Get It Fixed In Ireland

Author: Marion Fitzgerald

ISBN: 0862813034

205 x 134mm / 172 pp / Paperback

£ 6.99



Get It Fixed In Ireland

Having trouble with the washing-machine or cooker? Problems with the central heating or, heaven forbid, the septic tank? Or do you want the family silver re-plated, the roof thatched or an Old Master restored?
This book will direct you to those who can help with these and very many other problems. While not setting out to be an exhaustive list, it offers a wide directory of services, shops and stores which are useful and interesting in themselves, and which have a track record for helpfulness and reliability.

Marion FitzGerald is well known as a journalist and broadcaster, and Get It Fixed In Ireland is the result of her many years' experience as The Irish Times's consumer columnist. Her book is sure to become an indispensible item in every Irish home.

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