The Stone Fiddle

Author: Paddy Tunney

ISBN: 086281300x

204 x 135mm / 182 pp / Paperback

£ 6.99


The Stone Fiddle

The Stone Fiddle is a well-known monument at Castlecaldwell in Co. Fermanagh. Erected to the memory of DnisMcCabe, a fiddler, it symbolises the particular richness of song, music and legend to be found in the region. That symbol is particularly close to the heart of Paddy Tunney, one of Ireland's foremost traditional singers. In this, the first part of his autobiographical trilogy, he brings to life again the myriad singers, players, dancers and chancers who peopled the area as he grew up, and laughter, music and song run through this widely-acclaimed book from beginning to end.

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