Melting Snow - An Irishman in Moscow

Author: Conor O'Clery

ISBN-10: 0862812917

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 291 1

230 x 150mm / 308 pp / Hardback

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Melting Snow - An Irishman in Moscow

During the early days of perestroika, The Irish Times sent Conor O'Clery - one of the best-known and most respected figures in Irish journalism - to open the first Irish newspaper bureau in Moscow. At the time it was becoming evident that the rigid ideology which had held the Soviet Union in its totalitarian grip for seven decades was beginning to break down. The world was also sensing the first tremors of the convulsions which were about to shake Soviet society and rip apart the Iron Curtain as a mood of anti-communism swept through Russia and Eastern Europe.

Melting Snow - An Irishman in Moscow is Conor O'Clery's vivid account of his experiences, not just as a reporter and observer of the great and histoirc events which we have all witnessed over the past few years, but as a Kremlin-watcher, parliamentary correspondent, newspaper reader, cinemagoer, shopper, man in the queue, and student and devotee of Russia, its language and people.

This portrait of present-day Russia is not only remarkably perceptive, it is also endlessly readable and deeply felt, Melting Snow is a must for those with an interest in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, or for anyone who simply wants to know what life in Russia and its capital city is really like.

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