Sticking Out in Minnesota – A Dubliner’s Journey

Author: Seán Carabini

ISBN: 1 84758 107 2

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 107 5

218 x 142mm / 220 pp / Hardback

£9.99, 12.95


Sticking Out in Minnesota – A Dubliner’s Journey

When a young Irish student meets a lovely American girl on a study trip to Ireland he thinks it is a chance meeting that will never develop any further. Before the couple know it days have turned into months, and before long they are married in a Las Vegas-style wedding complete with an Elvis impersonator. But that is only the start of the adventure!

Seán finds himself stuck in (and sticking out of) America where everyone – but particularly the insect population – seems to be completely different. Written with humour, the writer looks at the differences between two countries with a ‘special relationship’ who somehow both speak the same language, but in a completely different way.

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