The Anglo-Irish Novel Volume 1

Author: John Cronin

ISBN: 0904651339

225 x 142mm / 162 pp / Hardback

£ 15.99


The Anglo-Irish Novel Volume 1

...The Anglo-Irish Novel is a comprehensive study of the development of the novel form in Ireland. In this first volume Professor Cronin has selected major novels by seven different writers which illustrate the distinctive characteristics and the remarkable range of Anglo-Irish fiction in the nineteenth century. In addition to a critical analysis of each novel, he examines the dilemma of Irish writers confronted by the novel as a literary form, and relates this to the turbulent events of a century which saw the fight for Catholic Emancipation, the Fenian Rising of 1867 and the Land League struggle, as well as the horrors of the Famine years. The writers discussed are Maria Edgeworth, John Banim, Gerald Griffin, Charles Kickham, William Carleton, George Moore and Somerville and Ross. Each chapter includes a brief biography of the author under discussion and a selected bibliography.

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