Bumper Irish Jokebook

Author: Terry Adlam

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 045 9

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 045 0

129 x 198 mm / 280pp/ Paperback

£ 8.99



The Bumper Irish Jokebook

The Bumper Irish Jokebook is just what you need for a taste of Irish humour. Here's a sample to whet your appetite for a feast of fun!

Did you hear the one about the Irishman who went to night classes?
He thought he could save electricity if he could read in the dark!

An Irishwoman went to see her doctor.
'It's my son, Doctor', she said. 'He keeps making mud pies and eating them.'
'Nothing to worry about', said the Doctor. 'He'll grow out of it.'
'I hope so Doctor, his wife is getting very upset.'

"...the funniest - and most cringe-worthy - Paddy-whackery ever."
The Sun newspaper, book review (21 November 2007)

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