Irish Myths and Legends - pocket guide

Author: Ronan Coghlan

ISBN-10: 1 84758 003 3

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 003 0

105 x 147mm / 128 pp / Paperback

£ 4.99



Irish Myths and Legends - Pocket Guide

Ronan Coghlan lists and describes over 500 gods, demons and giants, places, objects and events which feature in the fantastical myths and legends of Ireland.

This handy little reference book will be invaluable to schoolchildren and students but will also appeal to anyone who wants to find out more about the Fianna, the Milesians, or the Tuatha De Danaan. Perhaps you are familiar with names like Ossian, Finn MacCool or Cuchulain but you know little of the stories behind the legends. A perfect introduction to Ireland's myths.

Photographs throughout.

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