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Appletree Press Ltd
Roycroft House
164 Malone Road
Belfast BT9 5LL

+44 (0) 28 90 243074
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Submissions Guidelines

Appletree Press welcomes book proposals from potential authors. However we recommend against submitting physical work and advise you to send us initial material by email. There can be a delay of several months in our response due to our ongoing publishing programme and the sheer volume of submissions that we receive.


1.  Please send a note with your manuscript giving your name, address and contact telephone number.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself. For example, have you ever had work published before? Who do you think will buy your book? What is different about your approach, or are you an expert in your subject?

2  Do not send the complete manuscript.
    Generally a brief synopsis of the story, or a descriptive chapter list, and around two-three chapters are enough for us to decide if we would like to see more of your work.

3  Send your work in a basic word-processed file; .DOC, .RTF or .TXT.
    Please put your name, address, a contact telephone number and email address on the first page of your work.

4  Have a look at our on-line catalogue www.appletree.ie/cat to see the type of books published by Appletree Press, and to ensure that we are the best publisher to approach with your idea.
    Appletree Press does not generally publish fiction or poetry.

5  We would like to stress that you should not post the only copy you have of your work.
    Do not post photographs or artwork unless they are duplicates.
    All material is supplied at the author's own risk and responsibility cannot be taken for lost or damaged items.

Please send your manuscript to:

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