Scottish Lighthouses

Author: Sharma Krauskopf

ISBN-10: 0862818036

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 803 6

275 x 215mm / 96 pp / Paperback

£ 12.99


Scottish Lighthouses

Scotland boasts a landscape of stunning coastlines and awe-inspiring islands. With some of the most dangerous coastal waters in the world, however, such breathtaking scenery comes at a price. Lighthouses have played a significant part in the history of this country, which is so heavily dependent on the sea for its livelihood.

Scottish Lighthouses is a beautifully illustrated and insightful tour of 31 magnificent lights, built over the last two centuries to protect ships from the perilous coastline. Because Scotland has led the way in maintaining lighthouse stations, most of the buildings described here are, happily, still both functional and in excellent condition.

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