Irish Ghosts

Author: John J. Dunne

ISBN-10: 0862817668

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 766 4

208 x 136mm / 144 pp / Paperback

£ 8.99



Irish Ghosts

"That ghosts still walk today, and do not belong exclusively to the past, is illustrated by the extraordinary story of the apparitions at Summerhill, a street in North Dublin." Who would not read on from this start to the first chapter? Subtitled 'her romantic and mysterious ghosts', this book takes you on an engrossing tour of Ireland's most remarkable ghost sightings and unexplained happenings. From the Middle Ages to the present, Ireland has been a rich field for encounters with the supernatural, encouraged by such ancient traditions as that of the banshee. Forty-seven tales, all based on actual observation and report, are contained in this volume, whose scope covers all of Ireland. All manner of weird manifestations throng its pages, human and otherwise, from the ghost of Archbishop Marsh, forever looking for a letter in his own library, and the 'radiant boy' who forecast the death of Lord Castlereagh; to the Black Dog of Cabra, the Horses of Longfield, even the Fairy Sheep.

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