A Celtic Alphabet

Author: Andrew Whitson

ISBN-10: 0862816645

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 664 3

177 x 125mm / 80 pp / Hardback

£ 6.99



A Celtic Alphabet

Decorative lettering is one of the splendours of Celtic art. With all their love of elaboration and inventive detail, the Celtic calligraphers and carvers never lost contact with the essential form, and this gives their work its enduring vitality and appeal. This book reproduces the letters of the Celtic Alphabet from original sources. Letters not used by the Celtic scribes have been drawn with meticulous care to correspond to Celtic models. In addition to the decorative capitals, letters are also drawn in a modern Celtic style, both upper and lower case, making this a practical book for those who want to try out their own Celtic hand, as well as a beautiful little gift book.

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