Selected by: W. A. Ross

Artist: Angela McCormick

Cover Illustration: Angela McCormick

ISBN-10: 0 86281 603 3

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 603 2

156 x 110 mm / 60pp / full colour illustrations throughout / Hardback



A Little Book of Celtic Verse

Mystical or practical, realistic or lyrical, spare of speech or rich in imagery, Celtic verse has many themes and forms. Gaelic, Welsh and Breton poems, in English translation, have been chosen for this anthology. They sapn the whoel tradioion, from the pagan exuberance of the Breton Sword Dance to poems of the monastic era, like St Columba on Iona, and intense evocations of the seasons such as The Calends of Winter. Beautifully illustrated, the selection opens a bright window back upon a world we have lost, but which still holds a powerful attraction.

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