Sons of Ulster

Author: Richard Doherty

ISBN: 0862813425

240 x 170mm / 166 pp / Paperback

£ 7.99



Sons of Ulster

Based on the highly popular BBC radio series, The Sons of Ulster is a personal record of the experiences of Ulstermen in the major wars of this century. Offering a powerful and often harrowing account of each campaign, the military historian Richard Doherty examines the degree to which Ulstermen and Ulster units were involved in battle. Here infantrymen, sailors, airmen and prisoners of war tell their stories in their own words, and a picture of their courage, ingenuity and selflessness, in spite of terrible suffering, emerges. These are the men, for example, who survived the horrors of the First World War, where they squelched through thigh-high mud and saw men drown in mire, to speak of comradeships and a trust in adversity that surpassed political and religious bounds. Copiously illustrated with black-and-white photographs and loca-tion maps, The Sons of Ulster is an honest account of war in this century as it was experienced by those who did the fighting.

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