The Coast Of West Cork

Author: Peter Somerville Large

ISBN-10: 0862812828

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 282 9

218 x 150mm / 216 pp / Paperback

£ 6.99


The Coast Of West Cork

Peter Somerville-Large's celebrated account of an exploration, by bicycle, of the beautiful, ragged coastline of West Cork is published here for the first time in paperback. The impressions he gathered on his trip remain as fresh and vivid as ever, reflecting the impact of this most striking section of the Irish coastline - with its mountains, scattered islands and crumbling castles. This account of his journey from Clonakilty to Ardgroom will enthrall readers everywhere, whether they are already familiar with the region or content to be vicarious travellers. Peter Somerville-Large is no stranger to West Cork, being related to Edith Somerville, of the famous Somerville and Ross literary partnership, and he writes with a warmth and affection that convey his long acquaintance with this landscape and its people. Moreover, his keen eye and ear for the unusual and the fanciful make the book, from beginning to end, a continual delight.

"...anyone who loves the countryside and enjoys reading anecdotes about days gone by will find it a thoroughly engaging read."
Clare Champion newspaper, book review (21 September 2007)

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