Book of Irish Names

Author: Ronan Coghlan, Ida Grehan & P.W. Joyce

ISBN-10: 086281247x

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 247 8

252 x 202mm / 128 pp / Paperback

£ 5.95


Book of Irish Names

The history of a country is often reflected in the names of its places and people, and this is certainly true in Ireland. Folklore, Celtic legends, Vikings and Normans, Scots and Anglo-Irish, have all contributed to a treasure that is uniquely rich and colourful. Is Carrownamaddoo really a place, and how on earth did it come by such a name? Or Drumballyroney or Urbalshinny? And where did the Guinnesses originally come from, and what did they do? Or the Kennedys and the Reagans? As well as opening up the unimaginably rich world of Irish names, this fact-filled guide covers everything you might want to know about them, from their origins to their histories and meanings. Different sections cover place-names, first names and family names, and while it will be an invaluable reference for many, it will also appeal to those with a more personal interest in particular families or places.

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