Standing Stones

Author: Kenneth McNally

ISBN-10: 0862812011

ISBN-13: 978 0 86281 201 0

260 x 184mm / 152 pp / Paperback

£ 8.99



Standing Stones

Scattered across the Irish countryside are an astonishing number and variety of ancient structures of earth and stone: lichen-encrusted megalithic tombs, ritual circles and alignments, mystic cult stones, raths and cashels, and the crosses and round towers of the Celtic Church - tangible legacies of the different cultural groups which contributed to the personality of the landscape from prehistoric times. Kenneth McNally's magnificently evocative photographs of the finest of Ireland's field monuments include many of the most famous examples - Newgrange, Glendalough and Legananny - as well as some of the curious and lesser known - Pat Kearney's Big Stone, the enigmatic Caldragh Idol, Ballykinvarga Fort, The Piper's Stones, and many more around which a rich and colourful folklore has grown up over the centuries. The author's introductions to each section set the background to this remarkable heritage, and the commentaries accompanying the photographs tell the reader all he or she needs to know about each particular site, whether as an intending visitor or as a vicarious traveller.

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