Traveller in the Glens

Author: Jack McBride

ISBN-10: 1 8475 098 x

ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 098 6

218 x 142mm /240 pp / Paperback

£7.99 stg/ €9.95


Traveller in the Glens

Glenariff is easily the best known of Antrim’s Nine Glens, visited by thousands of people from all over the world. Strangely though there are many other interesting, beautiful and historic places between the Red Arch and Garron Head which are almost invariably overlooked by these visitors.

Traveller in the Glens is a harvest home from this region packed full of historical curiosities, tales, old-time characters, customs and ballads garnered over the years by Jack McBride. Written with all the love of a Glensman for his homeland, the many intriguing stories include the mystery of the ‘Fuldiew Stone’, the forgotten Battle of Aura and the old-time majesty of ‘Queen Anne’.

Taking in more that just the beautiful views, McBride’s charming tales of days gone by will enthral visitors to the region, whether they are frequent callers or going there for the first time.

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